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I now know what its like to own a Ferrari...

6 September 2002
Minneapolis, MN USA
For the past week my ECU ROM has been off to Prospeed for updating to v2 and my car has been languishing in the garage during some of the best weather of the year. I've now come to realize how the 'service intensive' car owners can live with fact their cars don't move under their own power - its still a beautiful piece of art when its just sitting there. Don't get me wrong, the starting and driving is why you bought the 'art' in the first place, but hanging in the gallery it still is great to look at.

Thoughtful contemplation of a stationary NSX? I say yes.

Now give me my chip back Brian!
I guess this means no C&C for you tomorrow morning?
Yes I am! I got the chip back from Prospeed last Wed and drove it directly to the dealer and now have brand spanking new air conditioning parts (who here has ever seen NEW front condensers?), I changed the oil yesterday and am getting it ready for the 15hr drive.

See you all there!