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I should probably introduce myself...


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17 March 2001
St. Louis, Mo.

I've been browsing this site for quite a while but had not registered or posted until a few days ago. So I guess it would be polite to introduce myself.

The name is Steve, I live in St. Louis, and I’m probably one of the older guys in this bunch. I've been a fan of the NSX since it came out but didn't purchase one until June 1999, and that was partly by chance. After a long search for a 93 RX7 R1 that suited me I had found exactly the right one in Florida, sent a deposit for it, got my plane ticket and was ready to go pick it up. The night before my early morning flight the seller called and said he couldn't go through with it. Aaarrrrgh!!! I even offered more money, but he wouldn't budge and returned my check.

I was SO bummed I couldn't even restart the search process again. Then after a few days I decided the heck with it, I'll get what I really wanted from the beginning. Exactly one week after my original plans I took the same flight to Orlando and bought a black/black 93 NSX from someone just a few miles from the guy with the RX7. It was real tempting to track him down and thank him backing for out, but I figured he was at work, and thunderstorms were moving in from the west, so I headed north in a hurry.

Speaking of the trip home, I did get stopped once in Alabama (where I spent the night at my Sister's place). I went by a parked state boy very legal like but he pulled out and followed me anyway, and eventually pulled me over. As he walked up to the car he saw the temp tag in the rear window and apologized, then started checking the car out from end to end with a quizzical expression. Then, in a very heavy Alabama accent he said "I never seen a Acura with a body kit on it before". For just an instant I wondered what the heck he was talking about, and even leaned out the window to look at the car. Then I realized that he thought it was an Integra with a full body kit! I just smiled, mumble a few polite words, and took off again

I'll stick a bit more of my background in the bios section some day, but for now I mostly wanted to say HI.

By the way, did anyone read my post about the G-Cube?

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