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I wonder...

25 February 2001
Denver CO. USA
I just posted this to an existing thread- about AWD V-10 NSX speculation...

I started this thread to see what you guys thought.

I wonder...

If they are thinking about going AWD- I wonder if they are thinking about a front mounted mid-engine layout, ala S2K

Everyone keeps thinking the direction of a mid-mounted engine behind the seats, but has Honda made an indication that the new car would definetly be in that format?

Of course the motor would be behind the seats... Who could imagine an NSX with an engine up front...

Or wait, do we know if it will be called "NSX"?

Or is it in fact a totally clean sheet car, that will likely have a new moniker?

If it is a clean sheet car, might they be considering several different powertrain orientations?

As per Honda norms, could all this information just be more speculation crowding the media waves?

Hmmm... I guess we will all just have to wait and see, but my money is on a front mount mid-engine car w/ SH-AWD, and dripping with techno-glitz. Look for it to be equipped standard with Navi, a Blue-Tooth enabled DVD stereo w/ XM radio, and ONStar. Something that fits the image of an executive fighter jet.

I don't see another "New Sportscar eXperiment" in the works. Honda has done the "pure sports car" with the S2K, and previous gen NSX.

I see something fast, and technologically cutting edge built to contend with the new Infinity GTR that is waiting in the wings.

Something that competes more directly with the other JGTC manufacturers

for all the haters...

I have no evidence- I have no media references, or trans-pacific flight conversations w/ key Honda executives to cite for my theory (this is in fact only a theory) but based on the moves I have seen in the Acura brand as of late- this is my best guess as to how many jellybeans are in the jar.

After all, we all know With Honda speculation is King- we won't know the truth until they give it to us.

Everything until then is just a guess- Don't believe me? Research this forum a little longer.

We all have a wish list- lets see what we get.