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id4 Instrument Cluster Kit - now with support for OEM ECU!

We are happy to announce our next innovation for the NSX community - our complete all-inclusive id4 digital gauge cluster kit! :)

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This Plug&Play kit includes everything required for installing the absolutely stunning and impressive Full-HD id4 S2000-skinned digital LCD cluster from ID4Motion into the first generation NSX (1991-2005 year models). An NSX spec id4 cluster is included, complete with a custom NSX splash screen and optional software support for aftermarket EMS’s and backup cameras. The id4 instrument cluster supports 11 additional ECU provided sensor data via CANBUS:
  • Fuel pressure
  • Coolant temp
  • Intake temp
  • Intake pressure
  • Mass airflow
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Transmission temperature
  • Ethanol content
  • Lambda 1
  • Lambda 2
  • AFR 1
  • AFR 2
Includes our high performance pre-preg carbon fiber trim plate, anti-glare lens, 3D-printed mounting brackets and screws.

The kit has been specifically developed for the NSX from the bottoms up with a purely bespoke design and selected components
  • Custom NSX spec id4 S2000-skinned digital gauge cluster from Dutch manufacturer ID4Motion. Switch between AP1, AP2 and AP2 Club Racer skins and customize the color setup using a push of a button (keypad included in the kit). The id4 cluster can be supplied with optional support for CANBUS-enabled aftermarket EMS’s and backup cameras.
  • Automotive grade components in critical circuitry to provide the top quality and endurance required by automotive applications
  • Professionally manufactured PCB’s for reliability and consistency in quality
  • OEM connectors from Japan for a 100 % compatibility with your NSX and a Plug & Play solution
  • Industry standard 3D-printed encasings specifically designed for the cluster housing environment in the NSX
  • Custom made wire harness using OEM connectors and crimps from Japan
  • Full functionality of all lights and gauges
  • Each kit is individually tested to ensure 100 % functionality and quality upon dispatch
  • Delivers in a professional, foam filled case to ensure a safe transportation to your destination

Can you offer the a full preassembled (plug and play) package including the OEM gauge cluster trim/hood?
I have your S2000 cluster kit in storage. Will the trimmed hood of the s2000 kit fit this? I dont want to trim another hood.
I have your S2000 cluster kit in storage. Will the trimmed hood of the s2000 kit fit this? I dont want to trim another hood.
There will be an additional small cut for the Id4 setup to fit - however once this cut is made the hood will be compatible with both the S2000 and Id4 kits (and stock!)
Thanks for that! Very helpful.

I'm not sure how plausible this is and how much development time it would take but since we now have the option to design a custom NSX style gauge (not something that looks like it was built for the S2K), is that something you would consider developing? For example, ID4 has made quite a nice setup for the BMWs.

I would be all In, if they could make a custom NSX style gauge that is a digital version of the OEM style gauges....
Enjoy an early Black Friday sale! Save $399 on a complete P&P Id4 instrument cluster kit for the Honda/Acura NSX from us, available for immediate shipping.

Use code BLACK23 on checkout.

Some of the latest updates:
  • Traction Control System telltale light
  • AFR: Several fuel types now available
  • Boost: now available in addition to MAP (PSI or Bar)
  • Many fixes and improvements