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If not an NSX then What?

23 July 2007
IN my opinion the NSX is the best car ever, but due to circumstances, I will be selling it. In the future I will get another but until that happens, what would you guys recommend in the mean time? Taking into account: looks, performance, price, holding its value, etc...I was leaning to BMW M5 in a year or too, unless I can find another automatic NSX, or grow a right leg (lol) any suggestions or recomendations? Is there a brand or model that would suprise me after the NSX???
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look into an 02'+ M3 smg. i just picked one up for the little sister and it's a spicy little car. if the nsx wasn't around then i guess i would really be into the M3 but for the time being...nsx sitting next to an M3, i have no interest in the m3. anyhow, you should definitely test drive the SMG model, i think they will surprise you with power, torque, handling, etc...
BMW M5, M3, or Porsche 911
I think all of those would be nice cars. Not as cool as an NSX obviously, but not bad..
That depends on the circumstances that are causing you to sell the NSX- is it due to a shortage of seats, or a need to reprioritize your cash reserves?

If you need more seats- then I would say a Lexus IS, or an Acura TL would be great ways to go. the SMG BMWs are sweet too.

If it is a cash flow thing- then there are other cars I would recomend that do a great job for less $$

Either way, I am sorry to hear you need to sell the NSX. That has to be a hard reality to face.

Good luck

GT-R. And you have an excuse for the auto.
2 or 4 seater?

Daily driver? Or fun / track car?

Price range?

The above answers will tell the tale.

Am thinking Lexus IS or M3............. For an auto,daily 4 seater........
but its ulgy-ier than my nasty ass stumps for legs. Id look like a super model at the public swimming pool compared to that thing. maybe a infinity g35????? in black?
Sarge heard about the news in the PAC NW thread! :(

No way you can keep the NSX?

If you had to choose another fun car hmmmm: M5, M3, IS350, IS300 Supra TT, 300zxTT in that order :) If you can score a G37 go for that to.

Let us know what you decide but keep the NSX!!!! :biggrin:
why do you need to get rid of it? switching to a g35 isnt really a hugen change, except you would have some miniature rear seats.

i say mercedes, 2003+ cl600/s600/cl55/s55/sl55/e55 2006 cls500/cls55, 2007 cls63

:cool: paddle shifting like a mofo with the cls63:cool: :cool:
well its sold as of yesterday But not to fear, I will own another in due time, after I relocate to glendale AZ. I will let everyone know whats up. In the meantime,, im debt free, no bills and pay for everything with cash, im still leanin toward the infinity for the time beining unless I can live with a JEEP cherokee until the time is right. HUmmm, sure would like a black automatic. Not a bad request from a guy who lost both legs because of a war monger and greedy oil tycoon. Thanks Bush! but you'll never own an NSX like I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH. HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Guy here at my office has a black G35, its very clean looking. If I was in the market for a coupe it would be on my list. Just cant get over the odd Nissan sound though. Their cars tend to sound like F1 cars with a cold. But still a nice car.
+1 if coin is not the issue. Unfortunately for some of us it is :rolleyes:

I had a chance to drive a hand-control equipped NSX at NSX Fiesta a few years back. They have one on-display at the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi.

One option might be a Vette C5 auto... prices tend to drop on these, plus the autos are not tracked as much. FYI, I had a wheelchair-bound track student once (MidOhio BMW club event) who drove his C5 with hand controls. Was still a lot of fun.
z32 twin turbo is a monster in automatic. They are rarely abused and the turbo's don't lose boost pressure under shifts so they are actually slightly quicker than the 5spds stock.

No back seats though. You could buy a 300zx and a nice benz 4 door though, I prefer to get a focused car [or two] than one trying to do everything.