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I'll be in Nationwide race in Montreal next weekend!

14 November 2006
Lake Worth, FL
I'm driving the #60 Roush Fenway Racing "25 Winning Years" Ford Mustang in next weekend's NASCAR Nationwide race at Montreal. Be sure to catch it on tv!

Really? Thats awesome!! How long have you been racing for?
nice, one of my favorite Nationwide races of the year!


And good luck!
nice ride! stay out of harms way and you might just surprise yourself.
I think I saw your name on the podium of the Grand Am race at Watkin's Glenn yesterday! Keep on trucking, and best of performance in Montreal. I'll give you $50 if you punt Jacques Villenueve. $100 if you do it on the last lap.

I didnt drive at Watins Glen unfortunately.

Practice airs live Friday morning, qualifying friday at 5pm est and the race Saturday on ESPN. Check it out!
As you said Billy your advantage will be conserving brakes while maintaning momentum....plus lots of luck:wink: I'd love to see you and Ambrose mix it up.
Watching and DVR'ing as I type.
Just a few more ounces of fuel.... OUCH!
well now I know why I don't watch this whole nascar circus.....I was kinda feeling very fatherly yelling at the screen as Billy was stalking Villaneuve then all this yellow flag fuel crap and poof 8th..........but still world class driving Billy....So I'd love to know which series you'd like to spend the most time in.
Maybe the Continental GT Series? Not sure. Anyhow, great driving, Billy. Very cool to see you up and toward the front.
Bring it, Stuntman. If you were happy about it you'd be here with a post. Give us the rundown; you did better than you're giving yourself credit for (yep, ended with a preposition).
Thank you guys for the support and for watching the race!

It was heartbreaking to have to pull off the track from 2nd on that last restart when we had a car that could win the race. It was a lot of fun to drive those cars and a top 10 finish wasn't too bad after restarting in 20th.

I like racing in the NW series but there is a lot more blatant taking people out than the (relatively) more gentleman driving in sports car racing. The car was a lot of fun to drive and the level of professionalism in the paddock and overall feel is a bit noticeable. I hope to do more in the future! (ovals too!).

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I have more big news to announce soon!