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Imola Orange that's the collar. ENJOY

20 October 2004
Holland / netherlands
Hello NSX lovers.

Please show us your Imola Orange pictures.

ALways blach, white, yellow and grey, no this time we prefer to see the Imola Orange cars.

SO lets take some pictures as i did today.

Greatings from Holland


  • Digitale camera 213 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 213 1.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 179 2.JPG
    Digitale camera 179 2.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 211 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 211 1.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 180 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 180 1.JPG
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Another 4 nice pictures

greatings ronny


  • Digitale camera 184 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 184 1.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 206 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 206 1.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 197 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 197 1.JPG
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  • Digitale camera 194 1.JPG
    Digitale camera 194 1.JPG
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Very nice car and color!!

Do you have any trouble shifting with wooden shoes? :biggrin:
Wow. The pics look like they all come from NSX brochure. Are you the one sitting nex to the NSX? :biggrin:
Hello Emdoller,

Wooden shoes in an NSX??? And with my sice (11)!!

No i never had wooden shoes, i don't like them, i am a modern guy otherwise i would not by a NSX-T

Hello Jin1976,

The great guy next to the NSX is one of our 2 sons that was going with me for the first time. ( we only have the car for a comple of weeks now) and to his face ( big smile) you see what his last words where. ( dad this is going to be my car in about 10 year when he hass his licence. ( he is now 8 years old)

Greatings ronny
Hi Honda-ronny,

I have two nephews age 7 and 6 who are always fighting for who is going with uncle Jin in his NSX. Normally one will be left at home crying so everytime I bring one of them out, I will owe the other in the next trip. They prefer to be in my NSX than my bros Mitsubishi 3000GT. :biggrin:

BTW lovely country side.