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Import War

7 November 2004
Elizabethtown, PA
Yesterday was Import War in Hershey PA. It was held at the GIANT Convention Center and there was a decent turnout. Sponsored by Scion and Turtle Wax there were a few hundred participants and just for the hell of it I decided to enter my NSX. I wasn't trying to win any trophies or anything just wanted to give people the chance to see a rare sports car and the king of all Hondas. :biggrin: Anyway to my surprise I ended up winning First place best Exotic! I was however the only NSX to show although there were others that were supposed to have arrived. I don't have any pics but I will have some soon for anyone who is interested. In all it was pretty fun and I was stationed next to team Emotion who have some pretty elite cars such as a turbo S2000 running over 600 whp!! :eek: and the Veilside sponsored supercharged 350Z that I have seen pics of on this forum before. If anyone else has anymore information please add or post some pics.
we need pics :biggrin:
Yeah I know, I have to get a hold of the pics for ya. I need to invest in a new digital camera my last one was stolen :mad: I was hoping maybe somebody else from the forum was there but since mine was the only NSX there it is probably doubtful. Sorry didn't mean to be a tease. :redface: