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Importing Car From Germany

26 July 2004
I have a friend of mine working in Germany for the next 4 months and I would like to import a 2007-08 Audi RS4 Avant.

Does anyone on the forum have any experience with this type of transaction.

Is there a way to get a list of things that need to be changed on the car to meet EPA, DOT standards in the USA?

I have heard it is everything from Bumpers, headlights, front windshield thickness down to emissions controls. I have 4 months to get this sorted out and I really want to do this!

Help and input would be great!

just about everything needs to be changed, I would think left hand drive conversion, the lights replaced with DOT approved ones, All EPA and CARB stuff put on, and also the necessary checking of components.
Re: the newer the import, the more expensive the process...

Then you would think wrong! The Fatherland is like the USofA... both are LHD! :cool:

sorry, I have been researching pretty hard-core into getting an NSX-R into the USA and got a bit mixed up...
seems like a bad time to do it, the dollar is so beat up you would be paying more for the car there than here(unless that particular model is not available here). The head lights, marker lights, side door crash supports and emmisions are the first thing that comes to mind on the conversion. The expense of the conversion and the weak dollar plus shiping make it seem like a poor decision.
The Avant (wagon) version is not available here in the states, which is why I am looking into this..

I have found a few changes just by looking at the USA RS4 and the European RS4

Headlights need to have Amber Turn Signals Installed
Rear Bumper is 1.5" smaller in protrustion than the USA version... (note, the 2004-5 Ultrasport A4 used this same rear bumper that was smaller.)

As far as CARB emissions Goes, THE European Version has...
Same Motor HP and TQ numbers are the same.
02 sensors
(need to look into the catalitic converters)
Charcoal Gastank Filter is still in place on both models.

From what I do understand is that the RS4 has trouble meeting emissions in europe on the sniffer, but we pass it in the USA becuase of the Electronic checking through the data port.?? This could be the hassel that breaks the camels back....

sorry, I have been researching pretty hard-core into getting an NSX-R into the USA and got a bit mixed up...
Oh, nothing to be sorry about, just a minor correction... that's all.

Regarding importing an '02+ NSX-R, talk about an endeavour! :cool:

(FYI, there's one in Greater London that is/was for sale for the "right" offer). . .
Waste of time and money.
I agree. Especially if it's a model that's not being imported -- that means that it hasn't been through all the requisite USA crash tests and the like. If it was for some unique car and if you had a bottomless well of cash and patience, maybe -- but for a run-of-the-mill car like an Audi wagon, forget about it.
I guess the reason I am hopeful is because the car is sold here in the states, just with different engine internals.

Body and all else is the same..

Ya know it is much like the differences between and NSX and an NSX-R...

Motor internals (not and nsx-r thing)
Minor body panel changes.
Light weight goodies and bracing

Ohh well,, The more I read, the more it is near impossible! Sucks!!