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In-Dash Temp Sensor Fan ... Noisy

17 August 2004
I'm sure many of you had this problem some point in time, "noise coming from the in-dash temperature sensor". Well mine is at a point that's driving me crazy.

I researched the Prime and found that to most of you the problem is simply a matter cleaning away the dust build-up inside. So I did that. I shot some pressurized air into the sensor slot, no good! I then removed the console to expose the sensor/fan assembly and cleaned up all the dust build-up, but it's still making that clicking noise. Finally I completely disassembled the fan assembly, thoroughly cleaned it with denature alcohol, and it was still making that clicking sound once turned on. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Guys, any ideas what to do next? :frown: A brand new OEM temp. sensor/fan assembly costs $312 (less 20% NSX club discount). :eek: Yah, you hear me right. Any chance I can use a temp. sensor/fan assembly from another Honda / Acura car that "MAY" be cheaper?
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Larry gives you correct link.

You need to grease up the spindle (after cleaning it).

Then loosen the lock nut, screw down the thrust bearing (the brass threaded thing the nut is on) and lock in place by tightening the nut.

In practice:
1. clean and grease the fan motor spindle
2. assemble with a loose lock nut
3. hook fan into car and turn key until it spins.
4. Gently tighten and lock with nut until it spins at speed w/o making noise.
Note #4 may take several attempts.
5. You can get this PERFECT.
6. Depending on the grease you use: it will stink up the car for several days.
You guys are precious :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: With your help, a little silicon grease and a little patience, voila ... noise no more :smile:

Thanks Larry & Drew.