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Insights wanted regarding caliper color & lug nuts for aftermarket wheel...


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12 August 2003
Austin, Republic of Texas
I just wanted some opinions on others have to say regarding what color/finish to apply to my OEM brake calipers, and then what lug nuts to acquire for my aftermarket wheels. Objective is to be subtle, yet have a detailed and original look. I have a '91 Berlina black NSX w/ 17/17 Advan AVS Model 5 wheels w/ gun-metal finish, drilled/slotted zinc-coated Bradi barke-discs...

I am planning to paint the calipers in a high-temp anodize red -or- blue -or- purple (w/ a metallic ground-coat)...



I've come across a set of Mcgard Splinedrive lug nuts that are chromed, but also w/ the option of a colored cap OR ring in red -or- blue -or- purple

Here's what convinced me to go w/ Mcgard's as opposed to other brands (ie. Gorilla, Moteki, Kyokugen, Skunk, Buddy Club, Zenki):


Pics of Mcgard's:



Best price I can find is $75.95 (+8.95 s/h) for a set of Mcgard Splinedrive Tuner Lug Nuts (20), M12/1.50, conical-seat, red/blue/purple cap -or- ring


Another similar style lug nut w/ colored caps are Kyokugen Racing Lug Nuts ($75 +s/h):
(NOTE: These differ from the Kyokugen Lightweight Lug Nuts ~$35-45 +s/h, which have chrome/paint peeling and the surface-facets strip easily)


These look wicked w/ the black-chrome and colored caps!


Ok, so here's what I currently have and wish to aesthetically improve:

Advan AVS Model 5, gun-metal:


Advan AVS Model 5 Center Cap:


Drilled/slotted zinc-coated brake-discs:


6/10 Tinter Overlay (or smoke-spray) Front Side-Markers w/ 6/10 Tint (or Smoke-color cover/finish)

Ok, so my questions are: :confused:

- Mcgards Splinedrive Tuner Lug Nuts w/ colored caps/rings -or- Kyokugen Racing Lug Nuts w/ colored caps?

- What color of paint for the calipers & what color for the lug nut's caps seems bests' w/ my setup above?
[I want to match both] (ie. red -or- blue -or- purple)

- If Mcgard's Splinedrive Tuner Lug Nuts, go w/ colored caps -or- rings?

- Anyone know where I can get a better price for the Mcgard's than SummitRacing.com's $75.95 + 8.95 s/h or for the Kyokugen's $75 +s/h?

- If anyother routes you would go, please share your insights, comments, or ideas!
My advice: Make it match, don't use contrasting colors. Too ric... you know. ;)

Calipers: Black, silver, or gunmetal.
Lug nuts: Black, chrome, or gunmetal.
I'm with nsxtasy, match the colors. I'd personally go black calipers w/ silver or red lettering - maybe even red calipers with black lettering. Possibly go for the black top lugs, but chrome would probably be best. If you paint the calipers red, then maybe go for the red lugs, but in the end it may just look to jcwhitney... I guess we'll just have to wait and see :wink: .

If you're interested, I have a VERY similar setup to yours; my wheels are gunmetal ADR Kasais (which are a copy of your advans) and I too have drilled and slotted rotors. My calipers are painted formula red (to match my car) and the text is just the brushed steel look. I'll send you pictures if you want :smile: .
black it is...

Ok, I finally found this thread again... talk about losing track of one's thoughts!

I'm going w/ the black-chromed or gun-metal tuner lug nuts & a dark, metallic, and undecided color for the caliper. Thanks for the insights Nsxtasy & Redshift!

I've come across some very lightweight racer lug nuts I'm gonna do some more research on... otherwise the Mcgard line of offerings seems to be the most durable, and appealing in looks as well as quality as far as aftermarket tuner lug nuts go (based on the experiences of others across many forums).
Re: black it is...

I had used the dupli metallic color on my wife's TL and my nsx. My wife had the car since 03' and with stock pad and no track driving, the paint still shiny and kept brake dust, dirt away. Even after full 2 winters with snow driving...

My nsx paint fade as soon as I hit the track, (hmmm, maybe the first morning.) It also never had the vivid color as on my wife's caliper. (I assume that's because I painted the caliper when it had only 40 miles on the caliper, wherears My caliper was painted after 9x,xxx miles.

Oh by the way, as a side note, I also used the 1200 degree engine paint for my caliper and it still fade as soon as I had couple sessions of track days. It's a combination of the the heat and the brake dust. (Carbotech Panther+ )... I quit painting the caliper since then... :redface: But now with the aerorotors and Dali brake deflector, it's tempting to try again, since my brakes temp drop significantly!! (Before these mods, my brake fluide will turn real brown after 1 track day, now, even after 2 days, the fluid still comes out yellowish!!)

As for your car, I will suggest that black chrome color with silver nsx letters.
I had seen someone had a blk nsx with spoon caliper, and it looks nice, so next option will be blue with silver nsx lettering.

By the way, I had those cheapy rice-racer's lug nuts on my car for 2 yrs now, mostly street driving, 1 and a half track days. They are doing fine. Only you have to make sure that whoever work on your car not using impact gun on them. And do not over torque your wheels. (I assume you won't anyway)