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Installed Kenwood 8120

29 March 2008
So Cal
I took my '95 to Ed & Als in Ontario. Darren (the tech) modified my cosole to fit the unit and saved my ashtray. I've seen some consoles where the ashtray door is gone and I do not like the look. Anyway, They're almost done and so far I'm impressed. I'll post pics of the install next week if you're interested in having your car done. I'm getting all the bells and whistles including Bluetooth, Sirius, Ipod, and Back-up camera. Can't wait to pick up my car!

My 8120 is on order, so YES, I am interested in seeing any and all photos, especially of how they retained the ash tray and kept it functional!

Thanks in advance for anything you can show us!
I hope they do a better job on your car than they did on mine! I brought them a carbon fiber center console and a Kenwood Double Din and told them I wanted it installed. Looking at the install from the inside of the car, it’s pretty good. However I was pretty upset when I had to take the center console out one day to do some work on my car and saw the very amateurish way they mounted the Double Din. I was actually pissed because they drilled holes into things that shouldn’t have been drilled into and used cheap bent up pieces of metal as homemade brackets:mad: . I also noticed the wire management sucked! The wires were just wrapped around everything all messy like. I ended up having to fix everything myself:mad: ! Anyways, like I said, hope they do a better job with your car than they did with mine!:rolleyes:
Semnos_NSX, Did Darren do your installation because the job is only as good as the guy doing the work. I checked the car out on Friday. He had the Kenwood mounted in place and was waiting to paint the console. I did not notice how he managed the wires, but it looked good so far. Let me know if it was Darren who worked on yours...

I don’t remember if his name was Darren, but I do remember he was a “bigger” guy and I was told he was the “head installer”. I was so paranoid about anyone touching my car; it took me 2 months to find a shop I felt comfortable with. I would walk into a shop, talk to the staff/installer as if I were interviewing them, and then walk back out if I didn’t get a good vibe. I talked to the crew at Al & Ed’s and they told me how they were constantly working on very high end cars and their head installer has won several car audio awards. They even showed me pictures of installs they did on a couple Ferrari’s and even an NSX. I got a very good vibe from them and felt that they were very much professionals in their field so I went ahead and let them do the work. Like I said, from the outside, it looked great, but it wasn’t until I took the center console out to do some work that I found the sloppy install. I was going to take it back to them but figured I didn’t want them pissed off because I brought it back calling their work crap and then having them work on my car (me being paranoid). I’d much rather find the time to clean it up myself and know that it is done right!

I’m sure the installers at Al & Ed’s have the talent to do a real nice, clean install if they wanted to. On my car, it just seemed as if they didn’t care and just wanted to hurry up and get the job done. I hope everything goes well with your install.
Whoa an Al and Ed's Install on an NSX? Thread subscribed... i want to see how this comes out!
Did you take your car to the Al and Eds by the Ontario Mills Mall? I know there are a few A & E's locations around and they have different installation guys. Let me know. I'm picking my baby up on Tuesday. I'll be sure and give her a complete inspection of the work and let you know.

OK, I'm going to go over my install with a fine tooth comb. If I can recommend Darren, I will. I am definately into perfection when it comes to my car. I too, talked to Darren before I committed to having them do the work, and felt comfortable. I did not provide the console, so darren modified my existing one. He did tell me that he needed to fabricate some custom brakets to hold the unit. I looked at the unit installed before the console was reinstalled and everything looked OK. I'm picking the car up today...I'll check back,

Here's the latest. I picked the car up yesterday. I noticed that there is a hiss in the system. You don't hear it with the volume turned up, but it's there. I believe it generated from the Bose Amp. The head unit takes very little volume to be very loud. The unit in their showroom will display the volume of 12 where my car is about 4. This tells me that the Kenwood delivers a higher low level output. I think this is why I have the hiss. Anyone have other ideas?
The color they painted the console is spot on. However, there was a place where the finish was not up to par, so Darren is redoing the paint job. I did notice that the Nav does not know that the 210 has been extended. I'll check with Garmin for an update. One more thing is the unit as some animation on the buttons. It could be flames or squares or I can't remember, but I don't like it and we can't figure out how to cancel it. I know you can download your own backround which is cool. I figure I'll display a picture of my hot wife.
I talked to Darren about Semnos. He remembered the job, ans said Semnos had brought his own console and mounting. He did his best to use the mount, but said it was difficult to get things to line up. He welded custom brackets on mine. He said it was tricky to get the everything to fit and allow the ashtray to open. Semnos' console did not have an ashtray. He also said that the head unit had wiring attached to the rear whereas mine has plug in terminals so you only need to deal with the wires that you are using. Darren also said he wished that he was told that someone was unhappy and he would have made it right. anyway, I think Darren is a nice guy and easy to deal with. He did not give me a hard time when I showed him the rough spot on my console.
Overall, I'm satisfied as long as I can get rid of my hiss. The worst thing that could happen is I need to upgrade the speakers...
I'll take pics and post as soon as I get my baby back. The garage is so empty without her. My wife drives a Z4 and it doesn't come close...
I talked to Darren about Semnos. He remembered the job, ans said Semnos had brought his own console and mounting. He did his best to use the mount, but said it was difficult to get things to line up

LOL…. That’s funny! I brought him a BRAND NEW, in the box, Kenwood 6019 double din and a BRAND NEW carbon fiber center console. Why would I bring mounting brackets to him?:confused: That’s his job to figure out a CLEAN way to mount it!

He said it was tricky to get the everything to fit and allow the ashtray to open. Semnos' console did not have an ashtray

All the more reason he should have done a cleaner install….He didn’t have to deal with an ashtray on mine!:confused:

He also said that the head unit had wiring attached to the rear whereas mine has plug in terminals so you only need to deal with the wires that you are using

So you only get a clean install if your head unit has plug in terminals?:confused: I thought they had more talent than that…:rolleyes:

Anyways, I’m just glad everything worked out for you and they took good care of you! I guess I just happen to catch them on a bad day. Post pics when you get a chance.
Picked up my car today. The hiss is totally gone. Jason at Al and Ed's said it was due to the low level output from the Kenwood not matching well with OEM Bose speakers. I don't know what they did, no more hiss and it sounds great to my ear. The console looks awesome too. I debated having it painted to match my NSX's Brooklands Green exterior, but decided to keep more of a stock look. Wrote Garmin about the map being out of date. They told me to go to a website and report the error. Finally, my NSX has an audio system on par with today's new cars. Every NSX owner should update their car with a system like mine...Very Cool! Pictures with my next post.

I took some pictures for you to check out. Overall, I'm very happy with the Kenwood and even more so with the installation. Notice the picture of the change tray. Darren repaired the holes that were there due to the factory phone installation. It looks like brand new. The color and finish are right on the money. Darren told me that he could match the exterior color if I wanted, but I opted for a more stock look. Notice that the Kenwood leans forward a little. I understand that this is the only unit that does this. It helps with the glare. I didn't take a photo, but the Sirius antenna is centered on the roof and looks nice. They hid the GPS antenna so I don't even know where it is. The sound is great, even with my OEM Bose speakers. I'm sure you can get better sound if you want to spend the money and replace speakers and add amplifiers. Any questions, let me know or give Darren or Jason a call at Al and Ed's 909.481.8411


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Wow, looks pretty good! Curious as to where they put your Ipod cable and your bluetooth microphone. I just bought this unit as well, and am trying to figure out a good place to install it (at a reasonable price)... maybe this one?
Hey Nick,

Darren placed the mic at the top of the drivers side "A" pillar and the Ipod and USB hookups are located in the console. As far as price goes, give Jason or Dallas a call. I was nervous about modifying my console and getting the finish right, but trust me, Darren is an artist! If you get yours done there, let me know how it goes...One more thing, give him time to do it, it takes a couple of days to bring everything together. Are you planing to replace your speakers or keep the Bose? Curious about how good the sound can get...

How does it work with the mic--does it kind of dangle from the top of the a-piller, or is it recessed in there somehow?

Along with the unit, I have a set of components, amp, and zetoolman's V3 sub that I need installed all together...
Sorry I missed this thread until now. The hiss most certainly would have been because they wired the speaker level outputs to the OEM bose speakers. You need to wire in RCAs to the OEM speaker leads and then connect it to the line level out on the Kenwood. I'm sure they figured that out and fixed it. :)

The Mic has a clip which keeps it close the pillar. It is not recessed but it blends in pretty well. Made a few calls and works great...

I'm planning on getting this setup pretty soon. Exactly what I want. Hope it comes out as well as yours did.
I thought I would update you on the Kenwood. First, the Garmin Nav. still does not know that the 210 freeway was completed almost a year ago. Kenwood says it's not their problem and to take it up with Garmin. Garmin says they only make the chipset and it's Kenwood that needs to back the unit up. Three emails and Garmin still hasn't asked what software version I have. They will not commit to giving me the next update free of charge. We'll see how far I get...
The Kenwood has some animation that I wish I could stop. They guy at Kenwood checked with the engineers in Japan and the answer was no can do. I'm getting used to it, but it bugged me at first. I can see it out of the corner of my eye.
The Ipod hook up is really cool. The Ipod unit is hidden in my console armrest and all the control is done on the touch screen. Haven't tried the USB yet. Thought about the backup camera, but decided against it. Any questions? I'd be happy to pass on any info and opinions and they're worth exactly what you'll pay...

Thanks Nick, I'll check out the link. My last email to Garmin conveyed my frustration, so we'll see if they write me back. I got two responses that were exactly the same. They have a form email to deal with guys like me I guess.
I'll keep you all posted...

. First, the Garmin Nav. still does not know that the 210 freeway was completed almost a year ago.

Maybe that is why their stock has dropped like a rock. That is not what I call good customer service. I hope they pull their head out of their a$$.:frown:

I hope you get it all working, I have plans for the same unit but I'm still sitting the fence waiting for my econimic stimulus check :smile:

Keep us posted.