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Installing a Homelink® rolling code garage door controller

18 December 2011
Houston, TX
This will eventually be a DYI Wiki, but at the moment there are difficulties in editing the Wiki.

The attached PDF File outlines how to install a Homelink® rotating code garage door opener in
an NSX. I wanted the install to be discrete and as factory appearance as possible. It is
best to have either a service manual to refer to during this install or at least refer to
other Wiki files on NSXPrime as required. You will also need to have some basic
electrical testing/wiring skills. For this install, I mounted the controller under the dash
above the clock and used the European/Japan console switch panel to control the unit
from three momentary switches. Power is run to the switches for illumination.


  • NSX Homelink Install.pdf
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Love it. I don't even have the button panel on my car and whoever owned my car previously put in flood light and drilled through the dash for the button (Son of a...). My garage door opener actually sits nice in the little tray so it's not too bad but I would love to pay someone to put this together for me....

Great work.
Thanks for the write up. I installed a single button this weekend.