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Instrument Cluster Noise on 2020 NSX

18 January 2022
Hello. I had a noise coming from my instrument cluster that sounded like plastic rubbing on plastic. Took it to the dealer this week and they told me there was a bulletin on it and it was something in the software. They said they updated the software or something and it's gone. I pick up the car later this week and will post more info and see if I can get a copy of the bulletin. Just FYI if anyone has the same noise. It occurred at all speeds.
I have a friend who has a 2017 and he is comlpaining of the same issue, Internal rattling coming from somehwere araound the dash.
Picked up car. The issue was the "airbag assembly on the steering wheel contacting and making a squeak noise." Nothing to do with the electronics. Not sure where my service advisor got that from and the tech notes make more sense. He fixed by "removing the airbag assembly and applying felt to the contact area." This eliminated the noise.
My 2017 had a (?dissimilar) buzzing sound from underneath the trapezoid shaped leather covered insert below middle of windscreen. Splinting the piece with up or down pressure would stop the noise. It related to hitting bumps and certain ambient temperatures. Was louder than wind engine and tire noise! The technician said a clamp of some sort was missing or displaced. Really awesome service by the way from Acura of Bloomington, Minnesota.