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insurance for solo 2/HPDE

11 April 2003
Any one know where to get insurance coverage for solo 2 or HPDE for 94 INT. All the insurance agents I have spoke to will not insure it, but I bought the car just for it. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
I have talked with some people about this...

If you don't tell your insurance company about where you crashed the car, then they really won't have a problem covering the damages, but if you volunteer the information that you were at a DE event, then good luck...most insurance companies will leave you behind...but some instructors including myself have been able to get things covered without too many questions...

I had one friend that did the honest thing and told his insurance agent that he crashed his car at a DE event...everything got fixed, but a month later he got his pink slip from the insurance company...

Bad hobby we all have picked!!!!!!!!
mystican said:
I have talked with some people about this...

If you don't tell your insurance company about where you crashed the car, then they really won't have a problem covering the damages...

Have any of the people with whom you spoke mentioned this is called insurance fraud? Committing fraud to collect on a policy is not the equivalent of a carrier "really not having a problem covering the damages." In addition to having your policy voided, you might also expect to need a good criminal lawyer to try to keep your now uninsured butt out of jail.
Let me elaborate further on what I said...

Most insurance companies are not aware of DE events...most don't even have a policy on this type of event...however this is changing because more and more people are attending these types of events as clubs are finding DE events profitable in order to support the club, etc, etc

Therefore as more people find themselves crashing their cars at DE events, more and more insurance companies are starting to realize that either they charge their customer more premium, or not offer coverage on their plan at all...but most just have a policy of not covering accidents only if the car has been "raced". This puts DE in a "gray zone".

So for example...almost all of the instructors I have known who have been in this predicament have been able to get cars covered on their insurance plan because they either don't know what a DE event is and they don't have a policy on this type of event. In addition they are not able to prove that it was a "race sanctioned" event...so most insurance companies cover the damages...

Hope this makes sense....
So far I have not found any company that will cover a vehicle for Solo 2. My agent told me, the people who participate in solo 2 are not telling their agents about it, therefore,if something were to happen at the event, they are not covered. For example, if a driver's lost control and kill some people who are there watching, The liability will not cover them, because the insured did not state he will be driving his vehicle in the solo 2 event prior to the event, If he did notify the agent, Then It is still not covered. Because such activities are considered racing, therefore uninsurable. So I am still looking for a legal way to do this. :frown:
Naturally, the policy language in the "exclusions" section will determine whether coverage would be applicable to a particular incident. I have seen more and more carriers write more comprehensive language in the recent past to exclude HPDE. Some companies will only exclude timed events or where awards are given to the drivers making it indicative of an actual race or "speed contest." Some other companies now exclude all incidents at a race track which arguably could include a simple parking lot fender bender.

My experience has been that if you were to ask your broker or agent if HPDE is covered they automatically say no if you are on a track. Very few are aware of the actual exclusionary language in the policy. However, if they were to check with underwriting you should expect not to have your policy renewed regardless of whether you had an accident.

There is no requirement to advised your carrier prior to going out on the track that you will be participating in HPDE. Nevertheless, you should be aware that even if you are covered for a track incident it is a safe bet you will be dropped by the next renewal.
Dave Hardy said:
I don't think you're going to find an auto insurer who will do what you want. Your choices are to only autocross with clubs that have good insurance (Atlanta Region SCCA brings $1,000,000 liability to the table) or to get an umbrella personal liability policy from someone who knows that you are autocrossing.
That only covers SCCA themselves, not me, I can get sue by any one and without proper insurance coverage, it is a scary thought.
I have already talked to SCCA National office, They told me it is my liability to get myself covered, Their policy only covers them for lawsuits in the event of accident. The only reason I am so particular is if you can't get a definite answer now, imagine what hassle and "grey area" you are going to encounter when you really need the coverage.
Dave Hardy said:
Would an umbrella liability policy cover this?
No, I have ask about this to my insurance agent, I have 3 mil. umbralla coverage for business, and it would not be covered. It is not a function of business. My personal umbrella will not cover it because you have to have proper coverage for the risk first. Umbrella comes in later as secondary coverage.