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insurance requirements for financed vehicle

12 August 2004
Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows the insurance requirements for financing an NSX. Is it different for each loan company, or do they all have the same requirements? Any info would be truly appreciated,thanks in advance!
every insurance company that ive ran into, it was the same as a normal car for me and had to have full coverage while financed. But that was my experience and could be different for others in different states.
I am a finance Mgr at a new car dealer. All of the banks we deal with, will not finance a car without full coverage insurance. That means collision and comprehensive coverage at all times until loan is paid in full. They will force place coverage on your loan if they find out you dont have coverage. Force place insurance is based on the loan amount and is very expensive..
AFAIK it the policy is always full coverage. a while back i tried taking my vehicle off the road due to repairs that would take a few months, and it wasnt long after that i got a call from my loan holder. but you can understand why......they own it still, and they want it fully protected.