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Interior panels. seats, speakers

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6 June 2003
Phoenix, AZ
Interior panels-black from 93

I converted my 93 interior to tan from black some time back and changed out the seats to stock at the same time. I also changed out all 3 speakers at the same time as the driver's side was going out. All prices exclude shipping & packaging (where I don't already have proper box size). All panels/trim pieces are black and are in good shape except where noted.

L&R rear side trim panels-- 25 each sold
L&R rear trim panels--25 each sold
Rear upper trim panel -25 Sold
L&R front pillar trim panels 25 each
L&R rear pillar trim panels and the seatbelt mechanisms--55 each (one plastic cover cap is missing) You would still need the locking buckle that attaches to each seat and has the electrical connection) Reduced from 75 each
L&R side sill pads--15 each - reduced from 35 each-minor damage to vinyl sold
L&R Side air vents--25 each.


L&R door panels- no controls and no armrest covers or AC top panel vents etc-some tabs are broken but would have no trouble installing-75 each SOLD

Sparco Roadster seats with sliders---black with Sparco name in white across top of backrest--note that these seats do not have the adjustable backs. The passenger seat is about perfect and the drivers seat has some bolster wear. 300 for both including the sliders. SOLD

Both door speaker assemblies and the subwoofer--100.00 for all--all 3 worked but it was the left speaker as I recollect that was beginning to cut out. You can send the speakers directly to Bose for repair--used to cost around 80 or so, as I recollect...The ones now in my car went thru that process... SOLD

Email me for pics-- [email protected] You can PM me also. I have now had numerous people PM with nothing entered in the ad. They get the photos--say they want the items UNTIL they find out what it costs to SHIP the items....PLEASE do your own DD--my zip code is 85004. Do not state you will take the items if you are not willing to pay the shipping costs. Thanks for looking
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Pm sent on these panels.
L&R rear side trim panels-- 25 each
L&R rear trim panels--25 each
Rear upper trim panel -25
L&R front pillar trim panels 25 each
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