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Interior rear panel differences?

15 August 2016
So I searched and couldn't conquer but maybe someone can chime in. Is there any difference between coupe and targa interior rear panels that would prohibit me from exhanging and installing the panels on my coupe model?

For reference, the panels with the arrows are my concern. If they are different, could I modify the targa panels to fit on my coupe without any noticeable damages?

Any input is appreciated.

So I ran the part numbers and here is what I've found:

91-05 the Part Number for the Right Side Panel never changes no matter coupe or targa (83730-SL0-A00ZA)

91-01 the Part Number for the Left Side Panel never changes for COUPES (83780-SL0-A00ZA)

95-05 the Part number for the Left Side Panel never changes for TARGAS (83780-SL0-T00ZA)

HOWEVER, the Part Number for the Left Side Panel for the coupes and targas IS DIFFERENT. Coupes it ends in A00ZA, but for Targas it ends in T00ZA
Thanks @NSX_n00b

Trying to see if i should make a purchase.

As far as the left panel. Maybe it's different because if the switch location or the mounting points? Couldn't see a difference just by inspecting pics on BAT
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