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Group Buy Introducing the LoveFab NSX Twin Chamber Coolant Tank with optional Catch Can!

^ clean that bay source! You've got some dirt hiding in there...:)


No seriously, It was clean for a show back in Jan. But it has been under construction since. 02 conversion etc etc. So I am not worried about that until it's re-paint time.
Lol... Because race car.

For a quick fix, I like the Honda silicone spray for the rubber parts, hoses etc..it's quick spray and wipe.
My black coolant tank arrived today................looks great!!! Thanks Cody!!!

Can't wait to install this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I've been in touch with everyone via email, I just haven't had time to login to a computer for a proper reply, apologies guys. Shaw, your tank and filter have been ready to ship since Friday, I just have not had time to leave the shop during post office hours. It will leave shortly.
not trying to start trouble just a question. you say "just warm up past optimal operating temperature?" how does a tank help cooling, and what is the optimal temp of the coolant?