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iphone 4s cases...

6 November 2006
Austin, TX
Need something that's good enough to protect from falls but relatively cheap, but not fugly. Hard to find such a case. On both ends of the spectrum that I know about are..

Otterbox (~$30): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004N7GX1Q/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A1FRD9WRQL1FII

"Basal Enterprise" (~$3):

I like the utility of the Otterbox, but not totally sold on the size and the price. The 2nd one will probably do for most things except dropping it facedown on the concrete.. like I did wiht my last iPhone 4.
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I had an otterbox defender for my iphone...i really started to hate the sheer bulkyness of it. I kept it in my pocket also so the rubberized exterior would make it a pain to put it in my pocket. Not a fan of the belt clips, but if you had one maybe not an issue. I have a Speck case now and like it much better. I have seen some others I like too, some are way more expensice like the element, other like the elago seem reasonable.

I think it depends on how and where you use your phone, construction, outdoor business or just normal day to day use....and if you are a clutz or not.
Otterbox here. I had the speck rugged and hated it. there was a little plastic trim piece that i broke on three covers and knew if i could break it putting the phone into it then it wasnt going to save it on a fall.

I drop my phone way too often. I dont keep my phone in my pocket so the rubber outside doesnt bother me.
Was going to get the lifeproof case


but ended up going with the Speck Candy Shell Satin instead. I like it.

I use X-Doria 360 defense. Totally cover the phone but still retain the screen sensitivity. It still show the phone full shape and colour while protecting it. Been using it for about two months already and no sign of scratch. Btw the one on the pic is for IPhone 4. 4S one will have extra hole in front.

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The life proof is amazing. I was surprised how thin it was. Much smaller than otters. My friend has one and we actually submerged it under water and it survived the test. It even took great underwater video. Might be my next underwater video next time I go snorkeling in Hawaii.
I personally like to enjoy the sleekness of iPhone, so I went with Case Mate "barely there case"
It has survived plenty of drops from 3 feet+.
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I'm not a big fan of cases for my phones. My wife puts screen protectors and all kinds of s#!% on hers, just not my thing. The "screen saver" plastic always develop bubbles and look crappy.

iPhone has a nice clean design. Just a small amount of caution seems to keep the phone looking nice and remaining functional.

My phones typically last the 2 years before I want to upgrade to the next greatest thing anyway.