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Is a "Numbers Matching" NSX a thing?


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1 August 2008
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I have a few questions regarding this whole "numbers matching" thing. I have some background in American Muscle cars where there is a record of a specific engine/trans combo mated to a specific chassis. A "Numbers Matching" car is highly desirable for collectors. Is there such a thing on the NSX? As far as I know there is not. There is only a range of say... 5 speed trannies that go with a certain year range of NSXs but nothing specific to a per unit level matching/mating engine/trans/chassis. Am I wrong?

I did find this in the archives but doesn't fully explore the topic.
There is no such thing as number matching in the NSX World, based on my research so far I have not been able to see any system of matching numbers. The Engine and transmission numbers are done in sequence, however, there are no correlation between Engine, transmission and VIN numbers.
Perhaps, there is someone that have more information and can educate everyone with respect to Numbers Matching, this would be a great value to the NSX community.

[MENTION=7722]Kaz[/MENTION] may know.................
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It is true that component serial numbers are not sequential on the production line. In other words, car number 200 of that series may have transmission number 1100 and car 201 may have transmission 0889. However, Honda does have a record of what VIN had which trans and which engine. To my knowledge, this information has never been made public and not even Acura knows. These are internal production records at Tochigi (and Suzuka for one year) and are maintained by Honda Japan.

I have always wondered if this is something NSXCA can help us with. They may be able to convince Honda to release the records, or at least make them available to actual owners with legit VINs. As part of my restoration, I recorded the transmission number, engine serial number and engine block number of my NSX mostly for my own use (and also for insurance).
might be a project for our hometown hero track-addict..
NICB has a database of VINS and corresponding numbers for the engine, transmission, and "strap" number (though I don't believe any NSX had a strap number).

I believe this is a NHTSA requirement that goes with the 17 digit VIN standard.

The NICB database is used to corroborate warrants and RSP filings.

Dealers generally have this info internally for warranty claims. Though this is easy to verify as there are dealer employees on this forum.

JDM cars have a tag with an engine number on the radiator support (ie strap).
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On my 2005 I have metal tags that match the engine, transmission, and VIN together so it can definitely be "matching numbers". The vehicle VIN is engraved onto the tags and fixed on with some sort of tamper proof rivets on them.

On the engine it's on the forward cylinder head just below the valve cover. You can barely see it in the car since the front beam and headers obstruct your view from below.

On the transmission mine was caked in a layer of dirt so I didn't even know it was there until I washed the tranny off. In the car it is completely obscured by the airbox.

Note that the engraved tag is different from the transmission serial number which also exists in what I assume is the same spot as everyone else.

Engine tag: