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Is comptech the only vendor that acura endorses?

Acura does not "endorse" Comptech. However, they do have an agreement under which their dealers can obtain Comptech parts. There is no such agreement with Mugen.
well, I don't know if Honda endorses Mugen, but Mugen was founded by one of Mr. Honda's sons I think, so I guess you can say that they are endorsed by Honda.
If there are acura vehicles equipped with comptech parts will full warranties, wouldn't that mean that acura endorses them?
Acura does not warranty Comptech parts.

Comptech has a warranty on their parts.

Acura has a warranty on their automobiles.

The Acura warranty excludes damages caused by aftermarket parts, including Comptech's as well as anyone else's. There is no difference in the warranty treatment by Acura between Comptech and any other vendor.