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is this a good deal?

1 March 2004
Streamwood, IL
midwest members,
need your help. this car is listed in ebay. the car's located in necedah,wisconsin. 1993 model with 89k mi. for $8600. it sounds like a good deal. what do you members think? does anyone know about this car?

Casper91 said:
Sounds too good to be true???
It is. Sorry. :frown:

"This listing (4537168132) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available. Please make sure that you've entered the item number correctly.
If the item was removed by eBay, please consider this transaction canceled. If anybody contacts you to complete the sale, please ignore the request. Completing the sale outside of eBay may be unsafe and will not be covered by eBay purchase protection programs."
the seller sent me this email. check it out....

members, the seller responded with this email..:) i've read something like this before on nsxprime. the location on ebay says somewhere in wisconsin, but now he's saying it's in greece.

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in my car. I want you to know that I have closed my auction earlier because someone has offered me the buy it now price, but didn't have all the money available and I cannot accept financing because time is a real issue for me. The price I want to obtain for it is $8,600US (this price includes shipment and insurance charges).

My wife was recently promoted so we had to move in Greece. We brought the car with us, wanting to register it here, but I couldn't because it is a US vehicle and to get it registered here it will need serious engine modifications in order to comply with the EU emission standards. So that is why I prefer to sell it quick now and get rid of it while I still can, because time is running and I can't keep it like that, there is a deadline term when I must pay the import tax, so I can't afford to lose time and I prefer to make some money while I still can.

The car is like new, completely working,89600 miles, 1993 model. It is US model with US specs and passed the US test emissions. The car is insured in case of damage and you will receive it in 8-9 working days by Lufthansa at your home address. The title is clear and you will register it in your state without problems. I will send the car having written on it 'gift' so you won't have to pay any additional taxes. It will come with all the papers (warranty, insurance etc. ...).

The shipping costs and the insurance taxes of the package will be down to me and you only pay for the money transfer commission when you wire the funds, which is about 4% from the total amount sent.

I am requesting a $4,000US refundable deposit prior shipping and the balance to be paid after delivery and inspection. If you are not 100% content with the car, you will ship it back on my expense to get your deposit back. I am sure this will not happen, because it is a state of the art vehicle and you will have no reason not to be content with it.

This is a large purchase and I would like to use a third party for this transaction as I want a smooth and safe transaction. We will use Square Trade, I have completed a lot of successful deals using them. I have a purchase protection account of $10,000US with them. If this is your first time using Square Trade here are their terms: if you will not receive the car exactly as advertised or you won't receive it in 15 days since you made the deposit, Square Trade will refund you from my Square Trade account.

If you agree with these terms, please send me your full name, home and shipping address and your ebay id so I can register the transaction with Square Trade asap.

Re: the seller sent me this email. check it out....

windycitynsx said:
members, the seller responded with this email..:) i've read something like this before on nsxprime. the location on ebay says somewhere in wisconsin, but now he's saying it's in greece.

LOL, that is verbatim a rampant scam running around ebay and other car selling sites.

Judging by the grammar and other details, the seller has never set foot in USA. :)

Well, thumbs up to your suspicion alarm!
Now these losers are picking small towns in states, making it look legit. There is no NSX in that town that I know of. I drive through there sometimes on my way to Minneapolis, and there is a gas station, a church, and a couple of bars. The most exotic car I see through there is a Ford Escort ZX2! :biggrin:
It's possible to find an NSX for sale in a small town in North America. It's just not possible to find that same NSX in Europe when the seller suddenly claims that's where it is... :D

Incidentally, just because you happen to drive through that town, doesn't mean you'll see it. When someone from a similarly small town (pop 1000, in the middle of nowhere) joined the NSX Club of America, I expressed surprise that he was the second person in his town to have an NSX. He swore up and down that his was the only one in town, but he was wrong.