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Is this normal?....

4 December 2000
Cary, NC
Recently purchased a '91 and noticed that there is some noise (throwout bearing?) at idle..disappears when clutch is depressed....Is a small amount of noise normal or should I have it serviced?


"Normal" is hard to say. Mine occasionally will whine a little, the same as yours when it is cold. After the car warms up it is silent. There is no doubt in my mind it is the throwout bearing unloaded, since it stops when the clutch is depressed. I would not worry about it, but keep and "ear" on it. If it gets worse then you will have no choice accept to do the clutch. Unfortunately, this repair is an all or nothing thing, you need to pull the trans, and once your in there, well it gets a complete clutch job. How many miles does the car have? Since the clutch will cost about $2K or so I would use the present one as long as possible.

The car has 36K miles...The noise is more of a low, brushing metal (best I can describe) sound...The clutch feels good however, other than the minor first gear chatter.
Forgot to mention...I really didn't notice it on a cold start...It appeared after I had been running the car for some time.
Thanks again.