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Is this wheel safe to run as is…

10 September 2021
I think I know the answer…but trying to see if this can buy me some time. I paid $4k for these on the forum and unless I completely misunderstood what great condition wheels/no need for refinishing means, this set completely broke my heart. And on top of some curb chips and scrapes, I find this crack on the rear lip and it seems to extend into the barrel. I was soooooo excited to mount these today, but looks like I need a replacement or repair. I’m going to give the previous owner the benefit of the doubt and assume this wasn’t seen since the wheels were dirty on receipt and white on top of it all. Is this even repairable? It extends into the barrel. I thought it might be cracking powder coat but it’s definitely a crack.


I wouldn't risk running it, but I default to the safe side when it comes to the stewardship of our NSX's.

If it's paint (not powdercoat) a competent shop might be able to weld that back up and maybe even have it undetectable after a respray?

My fingers are crossed for you!
Oh man, that’s painful. I saw those listed as pristine. I bet it can be repaired, but I’d definitely talk to the seller to get some money back. Even after a repair, will it be as strong? And resale will be way down post-repair.
Sadly, the pictures in the sales section didn’t match what I received at all. I cleaned the wheels and still can’t get some of the tar and stains off. It really doesn’t look anything like the pictures I was sent. I guess I’m the idiot for not asking for more pictures. I just expected so much more for $4000 asking price. But boy was I wrong…
I wouldn’t run that wheel. Worth having a pro look at it to see if it’s reparable.
I found a local wheel repair shop who will take the tire off and see if the wheel is repairable. He thinks he can TIG weld it. This is a wheel repair specialty shop that does that, so I’m hoping they can do this. Not like I can find a new replacement or even a used one of the same spec.
Aren’t those magnesium wheels? Careful welding them if they are Magnesium has a low flash point it’s difficult to weld.
Aren’t those magnesium wheels? Careful welding them if they are Magnesium has a low flash point it’s difficult to weld.

I’m not sure if they are magnesium…hoping they are just straight up forged alloy! Hoping to repair and keep this set but we shall see. Keep you posted. Dropping the wheel off Thursday for repair.
Did the seller help you out at all?

He did refund some of the money for the repair. But other wheels have some chips on the lip and a deep scratch on the lip I can’t seem to rub off. Honestly, I’m never buying another used set without closer pictures of each wheel. I rolled the dice sight unseen since I completely love these white regamasters on formula red look…been looking all over the web for a matching wheel to just replace the cracked one but I’m sure it won’t show up anytime soon.
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Seller did reach out to me couple of times to make things right. I can’t ask for more at this point and we can move on.
Got some generic 60mm wheel caps to see if they’d fit the Regas and it indeed is a perfect fit with custom 60mm Acura decals. Decal white isn’t a complete match but it’s pretty close. Debating if I should get rid of those stickers to make it look clean.
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Looks good. Did you get them fixed? Or did you find another wheel?

I found a used rear set but they want $2500 shipped and wouldn’t just sell me one. Plus, it was black etc. I have the one welded up for now and looking for a spare set if they ever come up for sale here or anywhere. Just couldn’t justify $2500 for rear two wheels.
When it comes to tires and wheels, the general consensus is "don't risk it." You'll have to make the call yourself as to what you're comfortable with. Almost no one online will say "that's probably okay" since it is a huge safety issue.

I'm glad you were able to get it fixed. Those look great!