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Is this worth the build? JH4NA1155NT000471

25 January 2008

Found this stripped down 92 nsx, engine looks intact, and i just emailed the owner for interior pics. For the low price, is it really worth to buy it as is and build? I'm tempted, but have no really good car building skills. Just looking @ OEM parts and I'm guessing might as well buy a low priced NSX. Thoughs on this listing please, I wouldn't mind buying it, but It's going to be a long time till I can drive it
Re: Is this worth the build?

I think its a parts car. Saving that X will cost you more then a 92 NSX is worth. Also it will still be a salvaged car.
Re: Is this worth the build?

since you have "no real car building expierience" its definitley not worth it, theres another thread about it here:

best option for that car is a track car, for the reasons:

parts cost ALOT
its pretty stripped
the unknown reason why he bought it from salvage auction and is now selling it

the down sides to repairing it for a street car:
parts cost ALOT
the true mileage is unknown(somebody in other thread carfaxed it and it had 105k miles in 05)
its salvage title so its not going to be worth as much as the initial investment/parts, not to mention all the time

and lastely: it would be cheaper and a better investment to buy 100k+ mile 96 and before car for 20-30k because it wont loose its value
Re: Is this worth the build?

all right...thanks for the quick relpies. Yeah I was thinking that it would be a track car since the theives already did most of the stripping, but yeah def would not be worth the time and money to turn it back to street condition.
On the other hand, the frame is straight. If you are the patient type, get it, put it in the garage, and add parts to it on the cheap by picking them up in the parts section and ebay piecemeal. Eventually everything comes up(except for air pumps:confused: and windshields) and you'll have her back together. Couple of years tops and you'll be looking good. Who cares if you spend more time and probably the same money as a running equivalent, at least you'd have the satisfaction of knowing you rescued one from the brink.
Just a thought.:smile:
lol thanks for the encouragement....but I do want a running car by next year...so I can drive back to school, + I just started a new job in reconstruction...sooo it would be awhile....I'm just going to be patient right now and wait. I do have pleanty of people to chose from to get a supra TT.:biggrin: