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Issue with 2017 NSX Rear Diffuser Bracket

11 July 2021
Los Angeles, CA
When I had my car detailed I noticed the metal surround that sits right below the license plate frame and surrounds the tailpipes was loose. Upon closer examination I could see that there was a fixture for 2 bolts to go through on the upper part but that there was no place to bolt them to. So I secured the piece with zip ties and made an appointment to bring the car into the local Acura dealer. The NSX tech there put the car up on a hoist and discovered that the brackets to run the bolts into must have broken off. Acura doesn't sell those separately as they are part of the rear diffuser. Anyway, my service advisor called and told me Acura was shipping a whole new rear diffuser out from Ohio and covering it under warranty. That piece costs about $11K. Has anyone else had this issue?

As a matter of fact, one of the pieces was broken and the other was ok. They also replaced the entire Carbon Fiber piece. Pretty cool. Could have happened when they did one of the recalls.
drmanny3. That makes sense. I didn't think about the recall. It crossed my mind that perhaps the prior owner of my car had an aftermarket exhaust and then reinstalled the factory exhaust when he turned the car in, but what you suggest is more likely. And it is nice that Acura will so readily replace the whole diffuser.
Nice that Acura stepped up for you on this.

I could see Lexus doing the same.

Probably get laughed at by Ferrari for even asking.
Bricks and Bio: Yes I really appreciate how quickly they committed to replacing it. Honestly I didn't expect that at all. And yes, Ferrari likely would not have responded the same way and certainly not McLaren. I've owned a lot of different brands over the past few decades and Lexus is almost in a league of their own in terms of their service quality and honestly the quality of their cars too. I've owned 17 different Lexus's since 1996 so lots of experience with them.
I wouldn't reference McLaren on the warranty point as they are so under-resourced, any discretional customer support is not going to happen.

There was a bad accident on the highway Monday morning and the police diverted traffic. I ended up with a 2 1/2 hour joy ride on some winding roads instead of my usual 50 minute mostly highway drive. The NSX is endless fun when you get to go carving.

Prior to the LC 500 Convertible, I only owned an 06 IS 350 and I agree with you, Lexus was great regarding taking care of things after the sale.

The LC 500 is the best built vehicle I have ever purchased, I haven't been able to find anything wrong with it in about 8 months of ownership. I hope you are also having fun with your Inspiration Series.
Yes, there are lots of nightmare stories about lack of support from McLaren. Glad your traffic diversion turned out so nicely - of course you are lucky to have the NSX to enjoy in that scenario.

My daughter just sold her 2007 IS350 to a good friend and got a 2017 NX200t since she needed more room for her pets. But she loved that IS a lot. I agree with you on the LC - it's sublime and everything from the quality of materials, the stitch work, the feel of the buttons, paint quality etc is top notch. I can't say enough good things about it - for me its well worth the money.