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It's official: Your vote really doesn't count

My vote...

  • ...does not count, I know it, but I vote anyway (like now)

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • ...does count, despite the fact that close races will be litigated

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • ...does not count, because close races will be determined in the courts

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • ...counts because I've been told it does. It counts, right? right??

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • ...I like cheese!

    Votes: 8 44.4%

  • Total voters


24 September 2005
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Thanks to the precedent set by the 2000 presidential election, and reinforced by other close races since then, I think it is safe to say that *ANY* important election that comes down to less than 5, 10, 100, 1000 votes in any given district, will be disputed/litigated in the courts.

Therefore, any single vote does not matter (as opposed to the hypothetical scenario whereby your candidate loses by only 1 vote when you don't vote).

Food for thought.

I'm sure our poly-sci studying brethren will have discussed this ad nauseum but it's "news" to l'il 'ol me. :redface:
I think a number of recent elections have shown how sensitive and non-scientific our voting process is.

When you're trying to count votes for 300 million people, a margin of error of .0001.. can mean thousands.

I also don't trust the human factor of counting. Incompetence down right fraud, even if it happens in .0001%, can mean thousands.

-We need to move to a system that is electronic. Strong, secure voting systems can be built and along with extrmely stiff penalties for any hacking or intrusion attempts, they will work.
-We need to simplify the voting process and make the rules standard across all poltical spectrums. EG: The popular vote is what stands and not the way the DNC made it so that millions of people were pissed, or the Courts. It should be a simple mathematical question of is if x > y then x, else y.
-We need voter identification so that fraud does not occur. In the recent Washington governor election, Gregoire won by 1xx votes and this is after picking up the felons and homeless off the street to vote. The election was rigged. PS:www.changeourgov.com
....It's who counts the votes that matters.

hmmm cheeeese
Ive been saying for about 9 months now that this election is done and over. No point in voting, unless you want to make yourself feel better, or if you happen to live in Franklin county, OH where its POSSIBLE your vote may count.
where do the votes go? who counts them? do they count them? does your going inside the booth even do anything?

all questions you'll never be able to answer. give me proof that my vote counts and i'll vote..... until then, i'll just assume that the voting system is as corrupt as any other part of our government.

and even if it all does count..... that means you have to have faith in the majority of the voters...... that'll never happen :rolleyes: