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I've got a question...


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3 April 2002
Santa Clarita,Ca,Usa
Hi guys, im new to the board and at the moment im 16 in search of a car.. And I was wondering if it'd be affordable to Get a salvaged NSX (how much would that be btw?) and fix it up.. And also would it be possible to put a new NSX engine or a JDM engine and put it in with Transmission,ETC.
My budget is around 35k.. So I need all the help I can get.. Thanx..
I'll probably beat NSXTASY to this one when I recommend that you get yourself a "nice" used car for around $10k and put the rest of your budget away for an education. An NSX would be a very expensive car to restore/modify on a typical 16 old's budget. I've put over $5,000.00 modifying my '91 over the past year and that doesn't count the $3,000 clutch/service that was done right before I bought the car - and I'm well past the 16 year old mark.

Also consider that insurance will be extremely high for a 16 year old driving an exotic in California!

Also, I'm not sure what the weather is like in your part of California - bur the NSX is not the best car to drive in the snow. So you may have to have a "beater" around in addition to the NSX.

I'm not trying to dampen your enthusiasm here. I've wanted an NSX since they came out in 1991. But I went to school, got a good job, worked hard, and then bought my NSX.

Just my opinion

'91 Black/Black
Michigan NSX hit the nail on the head; don't spend every last dime you've got to buy an NSX, especially not at this point in your life.

The only thing I would add is that buying a salvaged NSX and fixing it up is almost certainly NOT going to save you any money, unless you do this for a living and have a lot of experience at it. If it were financially worthwhile to restore that salvaged NSX, the person selling it would restore it and THEN sell it, instead of selling it as is. Remember, he probably has a lot better idea of how much it would cost to fix properly than you do.
... and if you aren't going to listen to us and still spend the money on an NSX... get a GOOD and CLEAN higher-mile 91-92 NSX. I'm assuming that 35K you have budgeted includes all taxes, fees, etc paid.