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JayEmm on cars NSX review

JayEmm is very popular in the Lotus forums. Glad to know he has a high opinion of the new NSX.

I don't understand how these influencers can talk while driving. I would be either forgetting lines left and right or drifting off the road.
James often talks a lot of sense - and does so here for the NC1 (in a British context) - he filmed this review in Scotland I believe.
His earlier review of the NA2 wasn't quite so positive, but in fairness he was driving a car 15+ years after it was made, and with high expectations.
He said 8 in Europe (including UK) in 2020 - I think there around 120 cars in the UK in total, mostly 2017-19.
If I remember correctly, the RHD production for the UK was done in batches, so all the orders were collected up, then the factory made the number of cars that were ordered, they were shipped and delivered for that year. I think the vast majority are pre-facelift (shiny beak). The first Honda UK press car was Nouvelle Blue, the current one is Thermal Orange, both of which have worn the NSX999 plate.
NZNick, that's correct.

According to carsalesbase.com it is 8 cars to entire Europe (including UK) for 2020, and only 1 for 2021 so far.

According to the Acura presentation at NSXPO 2020 there were total 144 cars sold in UK, and another 109 cars for rest of Europe (until 31 Oct 2020).