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JH4NA1154MT002372 1991 NSX Who knows it?


Snap ring range? (I will search prime now too) HAHAHA!

Opinions on what current owners see. (About mods, wheels, etc.).

The miles are not a real concern for me will drive it often and will track it many times a yr.


You'll have to get the serial # off the transmission, the VIN won't tell you the snap ring range.
Transmissions #3542-5978

It's got a 6-spd shift pattern...wouldn't that be cool if the original owner did some upgrades!
nah its not david...when the ODO gets stuck, sometimes thats all you can do.
its actually legal to do, you just have to claim you do/did it. most states have a sticker that goes in the dorr that you write the old milage on.
what would happen if he just bought a newer cluster? there would be less miles on that one....:rolleyes: people do that everyday
I have to admit that the exterior is pretty much exactly how I would like it! :)

The interior is nice but I think I'd prefer all black though.

I should get my bro to go check it. I'm too far away :S
I said I was going to not get another black car..but I looked at this one..did anyone else notice louder than normal ticking in from the engine during the you tube vids? Let me know ok
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Thats a sweet car for the price if i didnt just buy one I would get it if it passed my ppi. The exaust and wheel upgrade that you know you would have to do will cost you 3g or so. Someone from Dallas please buy that car I really want to see it in person!
aah alright well let us know how it turns out it looks like a sweet ride!
Started bidding but trying to find out more behind the lines before I go higher.....we'll see (private investigator mode)
I contacted the seller last ebay run,and asked for the trans #. Sent him the link from Prime on how to locate said #. He replied he could not find the trans #, is not a mechanic, and does not have the time to locate said #. So snap ring range issue is a $$$ unknown.

Hence I did not bid.
anything in particular I should look for in my inspection besides:

panel alignment, records, window regs, clutch, tires, brakes, engine hatch struts, H2O pump, timing belt, snap ring range

I ask mainly because of the miles.
If you want a great NSX, we have what everyone that sees it is a 10! Lots of custom upgrades 46,000 miles, not in snap ring range, new timing belt and much more. Lower the price to $42,500!!

In So. Cal.
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WOW! Is that a nice looking NSX, very nice.

We were just talking last night about how we will be looking to get a '91-95 NSX eventually...probably good I didn't see this one or I'd be working even mroe to pay for 2 NSX loans!

I will have this thing tomorrow....OMG. Pure excitement. I may have to take a day off this week just to drive around!

The long wait improved my patience.
Congrats, that is a nice ride. I was thinking of WW skirts and the 02' rear update myself. Looks sweet. I like the wheels also.