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Jump starting....complete dead

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
Hey guys,

So, my battery was dead today and I was working on the car. I needed to move it, so I hooked up my NSX to the Lexus to jump start. When I connected the jumpers to the NSX, I got a little bit of sparks. Not a fireworks show or anything.

Went to crank the car, and nothing. No lights or anything on the dash. It appears nothing is getting power. Did I blow a fuse? I checked fuses in the engine bay and nothing.

I went to remove the jumper cables and they seemed pretty hot. I double, triple, quadruple checked the terminals, and everything was connected correctly.

I'm going to pick up a new battery tomorrow, so I'll give that a try. Did something happen that I'm not aware of?
Hey Brian,

Thanks for the support. It turned out to be a false alarm, it was just the battery. I was scared that I pulled a Michael Jackson and touched something I shouldn't have! :biggrin:

Btw, it's ironic you posted, because I thought about you. Not in the Michael Jackson kinda way, but the reason I was working on my car, I was pulling out my Bose speakers(it was time for an upgrade) and they had your business cards on them. :wink:

- Zishan
My car has been sitting for 6 months. I hooked it up via jumper cables and it started on first crank. I let it sit for a few minutes before pulling it out, and as soon as I turned on the lights, it killed the battery. I tried jumping a few times again and got nothing at all. Is the battery dead? Or do you think I could get better success trying again or via AAA if they have some stronger battery to jump from?
once a battery has died, it's harder to bring it back. If I let mine sit for longer than a week or two,i would disconnect it or put it on a battery tender. Sounds like new battery time.
AAA test said battery was still good but it sure wasn't acting like it. I hooked up a trickle charger to see if I can revive it. How long would you hook it up before giving it another go?

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I left it for almost 2 days and it turned on at first crank. Time will tell if the battery has been "saved." But it's nice to have the NSX back in action, no doubt.