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Just got back from the dragstrip.

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys just got back from the track. Local 1/8 mile track just for some practice.

60' 2.00
1/8 8.22

75 degrees, right at seal level (Raleigh, NC)

Not bad for a car that is not at home on the dragstrip nor an 1/8 car!

I was fairly pleased, I just think the car will 60 foot a little better on the radials, just take some practice. Not to mention clutch wear! Hoping to get the car into the 7's w/ a little practice, which should net me low 12's high 11's.

91 NSX 5-speed
stock gears
Comptech headers, exhaust, and ECU
RM NOS kit w/intake and RM clutch
Nitto 555R radials
Great run.Get that 60 ft down and you're there.Ive been wanting to take my 97 to the drags just to see how it would stack up to my BPU+ Supra,Im just scared Ill break something.


97 NSX-T
93 Supra TT BPU+
Thanks Joe. I need to lower the pressure some and really try to leave the car a little harder. That run was on 25lbs w/heating the tires just a bit. Clutch won't take too many hard leaves though. I think it will do much better w/some time to practice on the radials. I am pleased w/the 88mph. That's about what my bpu+ supra ran so I am happy. Be REALLY happy in the 7's /11's though.
Just can't beat the supra bang for the buck.I wish I could afford both
. Oneday maybe.