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Just in case radar guns measuring your speed aren't bad enough...


And for the record, I'm all for safety and learned my lesson (I hope forever) as a younger driver, about following too close. It wasn't purdy :redface:

That said, on the Frank Borman E-Way in rush hour, who the doubleh*ll does NOT follow too closely? And pity you if someone moves into your lane as you happen to approach a Troop on the overpass pointing something at you. And that brings me to my final point. Am I the only one that gets real nervous when I see someone pointing something at me?

I'm already NOT a fan of this.
Those new laser guns have been used here in california for at least 5yrs now, they are more accurate on your speed and distance and also measures the distance between the vehicles. I used it and it's pretty accurate.
Some states like California have taken a lot of revenue away from insurance companies. They have done this by offering an option to increased rates when you get a traffic ticket. You can elect to go through "traffic school" where you learn the basics of how to drive again like you're 15, for a fee that goes to the city or state, instead of getting "points" and having that fee go to the insurance companies. It's just a fight to get the cash, is all it is. Since that has happened and the amount of yearly increase in revenue has slowed, they have been coming up with all kinds of ways to increase your rates. This is one of them.

Who do you think pays for the testing and development of these guns?

My rates just went up for no reason at all and after a long investigation and 2 hours on the phone the insurance company informed me they didn't have a copy of my HOME OWNER'S insurance policy on file. :rolleyes: the standard practice is don't ask for it, just quietly raise the rates and if they ask why you can tell them this. Not everyone will call and stay on the phone for 2 hours. They play the odds. This is all carefully crafted stuff.
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In close to four years on as regular patrol, I have written one speeding ticket. The only reason that guy didn't get a warning (for 15 over, but there wasn't anyone around to be in danger from him) was that first he didn't want to stop, then he spent over ten minutes trying to argue with me.

I have not gone to radar or laser training, and don't have it equipped in my car. And I hate insurance companies.