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Just moved to Hawaii

23 October 2004
Oahu, Hawaii
Hey everyone, like the title states! I'm interested to see if there are any NSX gatherings on the island. I received my NSX from Matson a few weeks ago and unfortunately there where was some damage to the front lip when unloading my baby.

Any recommended body shops which specializes in the NSX? Thanks looking forward to meeting all the fellow X'ers on the island.
Hey Gil,

Long time no talk, yup I'm at Schofield now. Probably seeing you in a few months. Keep in touch

Just to chip in on the meets. A couple of the guys go to the S2KI meets and hang out with their NSXes. Go to the Hawai'i section at s2ki.com and see when the next meet is. There were two '91s at the last meet (2 days ago).

That's my big timer first post. :biggrin:
i really need to buy ashman's nsx lol

anyhoo, welcome to hawaii =)
Go buy Ash's NSX and if you feel the need to get rid of it down the road you have my number :smile:
Hi Everyone! My name is Daniel. Most people call me Dan.

My home of residence is in Hawaii (Waipahu to be exact) but I live here in Colorado Springs due to my job with the Air Force.

I do come back home on leave from time to time though, and just wanted to say introduce myself to the community at home!