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Just posting to say Hi

19 January 2003

Hi there everyone.

This weekend was wonderful. Great dinner at a local Greek restaurant with my beautiful, 22 week pregnant wife. Afterwards, we went to Rockville, MD, where I met some nice Honda/Acura guys from bwimports.org.

I had my NSX detailed at Detail Authority in Herndon, VA on Saturday AM and they did an awesome job! After that, I spent some with with Chris (PsychDoc) as we painted the brake calipers yellow on his black on black '91.

On Sunday I went for a short cruise around town and had the opportunity to spend a few minutes behind a F 360 Challenge Stradale. Fantastic...

Anyway, here's a pic of the car (the rims are shinier now as I spent a good while polishing them after the pic was taken).

First of all, congrat's on the forthcoming child. Health and happiness as cars are cool as hell but family is where it's at.

Second... what a beautiful, shiny car. Please post more pic's!!!

Anyway, here's a pic of the car (the rims are shinier now as I spent a good while polishing them after the pic was taken).


They are more shiny now? How can that be possible? :)

Very nice car. Good luck with your fortcoming baby. Now get out and buy a baby seat for the NSX. :)

First, I have to thank GOTTSPD for his assistance painting my calipers (pics to be posted soon!). Ya know, this is really what NSX Prime is all about. I met GOTTSPD a few weeks ago at the Evo meet, mentioned I was thinking about painting the calipers, and the very next day he shoots me an e-mail volunteering to help. He then drives to my place (40 minutes) to help this weekend. Couldn't have done it without you, GOTTSPD...I really apprecaite it.

BTW, the pics do not give the car justice. It's far better in person.

Here are some add'l pics... My Acura CL Type S is parked in the street and my wife's 9'5 Aero in the garage...






How much was the Herndon detail? Mine is wayyyy past due for a major detail. phone # ???

Love the tint- and the license plate. Sweet.
Congrats with the car and even more so with your wife and upcoming child.
Seems you've achieved all the important things in life already.

I see you have your windows tinted. Am thinking about doing the same to my car and was wondering how much % tinting your windows have.
Thanks for the complements.

Re: the tint, ISONSX, the PO of the car told me it was 35%, but it sure seems darker than that. Perhaps its because the car is dark inside and the cockpit is relatively small it looks darker than it is. I've never put a light meter on it, so I'm really not sure exactly how dark it is.

If you can see the CL-S in the one pic, that was 40% tint, leading to about 35% light transmission.

The details on the detail...

Detail Authority of Herndon
617 Carlisle Drive
Herndon, VA 20170

Randy Coffee is the owner.

Total was $210. I went with the full monty (i.e., interior and exterior), which was $195 plus $15 for the paint sealant. You don't have polished wheels, so that's a good thing (Randy said he'd charge me $50/rim to polish them... Yikes).
Hey - I know this car!

The car looks great. It should; that's my old baby! :biggrin:
Congratulations on your pending family addition. You're over halfway there. My older son loved riding in that car; I've got a video of us when he was about 3 driving away from the house, his sunglasses on, thinking he was Joe Cool. A great memory.

Michael took advantage of me in a momentary lapse of reason when I decided to sell this for the family and build a pool. I now have the equivelant of a 2000+ Comptech SC NSX in my back yard! :eek:

Well, I tried to buy this car back from him before the pool was completed! No go. I now have a great '95 30K midnight pearl / tan but another Prime member called me last night and told me about this post. Every time I see a picture of this car, I kick myself.

PLEASE keep the car after the baby. One question though - Why did you have it detailed? When I sold it it was perfect. Ha Ha

It looks great. Great car but more importantly a great person. Just another reason why this forum is so addictive.

Congrats on your upcoming child!

I was out around Rockville Md. on Sunday also.
It appeared that the Ferrari club may have been having a meet near Congressional Mall. I saw several 308s, 355s, a few other Ferraris and a Lambo as well.

I was riding in my 91 back/ivory and my friend was in a 96 black/black.
Too bad we did not run into you.

Earlier that day, I went to visit Inexess to check out his sound system, which is top notch!

It was a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Nate in DC
Thanks for the kind words and congratulations!

Tory, I got the car detailed because it should look this good everyday. I had never polished the wheels before. Wow, what a difference. Not a particularly fun job, but the results were great. I am often asked what mods I'm going to do and while I'd consider a couple, it needs nothing.

I'm not planning on selling the car. At some point, I suspect I may sell the CL Type S and get something with 4 doors, but my wife's 9'5 Aero will likely serve as the people mover for a good long while.

Nate, let me know next time you guys are getting together!
Yes, the Saab 9-3 is a great people mover and cargo hauler. I was able to get a HUGE box from Sears into the hatch of my girlfriend's 9-3. The Sears guys said, "there's no way it'll fit, you'll have to get a truck."

As far as kids down the line...
Future car scenarios we've "discussed" so far:
HER: We will need another family car and you have two 2-seaters.
ME: We HAVE to keep the NSX
HER: but neither the RX-7 or NSX can fit a baby seat.
ME: We HAVE to keep the NSX
HER: Well..... I do like the RX-8 !!!!!

RX-8. It's the daily driver/kid hauler solution. :biggrin:
When it was intro'd, Mazda even showed the car with a race-inspired baby seat that matched the car's exterior color and had brushed aluminum accents. Pretty spiffy for the little tyke. Unfortunately it was never made an option- but I bet it would've sold a bunch of skeptical moms on the RX-8


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I'd replace the CL-S with a RX8! Less HP, but more fun. My wife loves the RX8...hmmmmmmm.

The 9'3 is certainly able to handle large stuff better than the sedan version of the 9'5, like we have. Maybe, we'll trade for a 9'5 Aero wagon. The ultimate soccer mom car. Still hauls butt though.
I'd replace the CL-S with a RX8! Less HP, but more fun.

There are several turbo kits for the RX8.... boosts power to over 300hp :eek: Just what the kiddo needs to get him home to mommy that much sooner. :wink:
That'd be awesome. I wouldn't take it in lieu of the NSX, but as a DD, sure. Not happening any time soon though.......
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