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Just purchased a 2000 NSX-T off Autotrader

13 December 2011
It will be a few days before the car comes in from South Carolina to TX, but I will be the next proud owner of this 2000 Silverstone NSX-T! I'm glad that I could find one that was a 6-speed & targa, as all the ones I have been looking at have sold rather quickly, so I didn't want to miss out on this one either. I was originally hoping to find a blue color nsx, unfortunately those are pretty tough to find.

Its the only car that I can imagine better than my laguna blue S2000 (which was recently sold)

Was the previous owner a prime member?:biggrin:
It had a few goodies equipped: SOS Exhaust, Tanabe Springs, cf interior, stoptech brakes, and the SSR GT-03 3pc Wheels

Engine is all stock for the moment, I'd like to start off with a nice intake, and carbon dressup pieces.




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Congratulations on ownership! Great color choice too!

Hope you're having fun driving around. Great time to pick up the NSX when the weather has been perfect for driving.
nice I wonder when they started the silverstone?

my 2004 is silverstone and it looks exactly like your color.

had to be 2000 or after not sure.

nice car glad you got it let the mods begin LOL
Nice. Very nice. I also had hoped to find a blue late model NSX, and found the Silverstone / Onyx ---- which I now love. Car looks really good - sounds like you are having it transported to you? If so, get some pics of it coming off the truck - those are so good! :smile:

Welcome, and congrats. Jay
I saw you in traffic yesterday! clean looking car!
Those wheels are hot. All she needs is to be dropped a tad bit more
Big Congrats and Welcome to the NSX, I'm sure you'll enjoy it Big Time!
She's Beautiful!
nice. For some reason the silver looks better in the flip up style, i dont know why. Clean car though. Oh, dont get an intake, its really a waste. Get the downforce air scoop, that actually works pretty good.