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Just when you think you seen it all in a Nsx

8 May 2002
In a Iglo
This comes along.




I used to laugh at the video installs (still do when they are in screaming yellow :eek: ), but my M5 came with one and I will tell you that if you commute alot and sit in traffic, they are nice to have. On the BMW, however, the TV plays thru the NAV screen, so it has a stock look, not "boy racer" at all.

I think this weekend, I might paint it yellow........ :tongue:
nsxtasy said:
I want a 42" plasma HDTV in my NSX.

No problem, Ken, send your car to the boys at West Coast Custom. hugging X, and getting officially pimped.... You could have one in the trunk and another under the hood..... Ah, maybe a Plexiglass hood with the LCD underneath..... :biggrin:
menuserve said:
that car has been listed OVER and OVER and OVER again on ebay... either no one bids on it... buys it... or the seller is not for real.

Sadly, it is real...I live about 2 miles from the place that is selling it and have seen it sitting out front. Haven't had a close look at it though, I'm afraid i might dry heave.