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19 August 2002
Miami, Florida US
Seems like a yearly event down here.


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WOW! :eek:
Glad your ok, is that your house the tree is on?
I am Amazed that your bambo roof is still in one piece.
I now feel safe in my igloo.
Good think you still have a place to drink. :biggrin:
I have a chain saw I can send you. :biggrin: :wink:
Now that is a good idea.
But 2 stroke motors are illegal in Canada, they might get or igloos dirty. :biggrin:
You have fool me. I thought the thread was about a girl name Katrina.
I have been trying to find information on how to volunteer for the clean-up where it is worst, but cannot get in touch with anyone. If someone here knows how, I would appreciate the help.

(P.S.- I tried calling the Red Cross down there and the Hurricane took out their phone lines....grrrr. :( )
From the news I heard about 90 people lost their lives. :eek:
jskim9 said:
Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in LA and MI

Yes, they are! And thanks to Myeeatch for wanting to help. It was a nastee one.