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Keyless Dillemma??

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
So I was all exicted to finish my NSX refresh this weekend and I have hit a very confusing snag on what seems to be a very simple issue- my keyless wiring. It is holding up my entire project!

When I relocated my aftermarket alarm, I discovered the door lock/unlock circuit wired as follows:

Alpine ----------------------------------> Honda Power Door Lock Unit

DOOR UNLOCK (DRIVER) (-200mA) -------------------> WHT/YEL
DOOR UNLOCK (OTHER) (-200mA) ------------------> GRN/WHT
DOOR LOCK (-200mA) -------------------> NOT CONNECTED

Before I took apart the unit, the behavior was as follows:

Press ARM button on remote = ARM + both doors lock
Press DISARM button on remote = DISARM + both doors unlock
(I disabled the "Priority Unlock" feature on the alarm, so both locks work at the same time)

Now, I get:

Press ARM button on remote = ARM + nothing
Press DISARM button on remote = DISARM + both doors lock

Confused, I shorted both pins in the alpine harness to ground with a 200 mA path on my volt meter and got the expected behavior: both locks lock and unlock as they should.

The rest of the alarm functions all work as normal- arm/disarm, parking light flash, valet switch, siren, all modes, LED, etc. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Help pleeaase- my NSX is stranded until I figure this out!
I think it should be
DOOR UNLOCK (OTHER) White/yellow stripe
DOOR LOCK Green/white stripe

Green/white stripe Lock
White/yellow stripe Unlock

And you would be right sir. :D

I swapped the wires and all is well. Once again, NSX Prime is the best site ever.