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Keyless entry or aftermarket alarm

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
I would like keyless entry. Having an alarm isn't that big of a deal to me since it seems most can be buypassed fairly easily. Would you guys suggest me just installing the OEM keyless entry or go ahead and get an alarm.

92 Red/Blk
I need a remote entry also, but Acura wants about $500 to put it in. I'm going to go for an aftermarket alarm, so that I also get the remote trunk lock, remote windows, more advanced sensors, etc. I'm still doing research on the aftermarket alarms, which are the topic of another ongoing thread here at NSX Prime. Have a look. Best luck.

1995 NSX-T 5 speed, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlap SP9000s
I started that thread also. Trying to decide which to do. But i think you are right, if i am going to go through the hassesl and money might as well get the additional features, remote trunk, windows, etc.

92 Red/Blk
I installed the keyless entry myself. The purchase price was reasonable, around $250 if I remember correctly, and the installation was a snap. IMO it's not a bad system and I'm happy with it, but I'm sure that there are aftermarket products that surpass it.
I got a Clifford Concept 40 (I think). I got it because I didn't have keyless entry and also wanted an alarm plus the goodies. I ended up with the trunk release, window roll down, etc. The feature I like and use the most is the window roll down because I can roll the windows down about 15 minutes before I leave work and the NSX is alot cooler inside when I get in. The trunk release is also very convenient when carry stuff, plus you don't want to scratch up the plastic trying to get the key in.
I think I paid $800 total. The bulk of it was the window roll down which I think cost $250 for the unit and $200 (3 hrs?) for the install. The installers said that it was a difficult install because and they ate many hours of labor (about 4) on them. They said the next NSX window roll down install would be quoted at alot more hours.