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Keyless remote on new key?

18 November 2010
Pasadena, CA
Currently I have a key with no remote entry, so I'm manually locking and unlocking my doors.

Is there a way to go keyless, but have the remote integrated with the key? Kinda like with all the new cars.

I don't want to have a key with a remote attached to it. I want a key and remote all in one.

You can buy it from me, I sell a universal keyless unit, you need to insert your key blank into it after cutting it (don't use the "expensive" NSX key) use a cheap blank, cut to fit the FOB.

PM me for details.
LRAO, I looked into this when I first got my car last September. I ended up just getting this installed:

It addressed my need of an alarm with a keyless entry and added the benefit of remote start on top. I was able to find a local installer that had an NSX and had installed the same system on his car.

Although this isn't as elegant as having the combo key/remote, the fob is quite thin and is not overly obstructive. I'm loving it so far and since the NSX is one of few cars that have a neutral switch on a manual transmission, installing the remote start did not require some jerry-rigged idiot proof device to ensure the car does not start in gear.

Def worth looking into imo...I never knew how nice it is to have the car warmed up by the time I get inside.

Btw, the MSRP on the viper website is a bit ridiculous. I paid slightly less than that INSTALLED by a pretty specialized A/V guy.
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I installed this system in my car. I installed the full keyless entry and push to button start, but you could just get the keyless entry module and install it. RF sensor fits in your pocket and you don't need to take it out to unlock the car.