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Knuckle Ball Joint Replacement

21 November 2004
San Diego
NSXPRIME members,

In the past have offered a method to replace knuckle ball joints in previous articles. My backyard mechanic procedure was an affordable alternative to buying a $700.00 knuckle. Had the fortune to take a knuckle to a machine shop and "MIC OUT" the taper and measurements. The Sankei part number 51220-S84-A02 presses and bolts in true, but is not an engineered solution and I cannot honestly recomend that anyone take this approach. The Sankei part shifts up 1/4 inch the control arms and offsets the ride height and geometry. So for the safety and well being of my fellow Primers, recommend Steve Ghent's customly engineered ball joint replacement program. I'm going to eventually remove the joints in my own car and have Steve replace them the right way.
Cheers everybody!
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