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Krispy Kreme Cruise this Sat. 7/1/05

8 January 2003
Independence, MO, USA
Don't forget Krispy Kreme this Sat. 7/1. Its the one at 103rd and Metcalf. The Ferrari club will show after their regular monthly meeting. I have an email in to Jerry Dobson about the aprox. time and will post it as soon as I know. Gary :biggrin:
When you meet at a donut shop, doesn't that increase the likelihood of encountering local law enforcement? :D
I will be there. I always carry an extra dozen donuts so if I get chased I can thru the out the window. The popo will stop everytime. :biggrin:
Just got the email back from Jerry. He said the Ferrari Club usually shows about 10:30 AM. Gary. :cool:
I am going to do my best to get the Ferraris and Lambos to head over to Krispy Kreme. We should arrive 10 to 10:30. No show if it rains.

Last Friday night the Viper Club rented Heartland Park, so we did not eat at Dean and Delucas. We will be there tonight (Friday).

Jerry Dobson
how was the turnout for this? I ended up having a crazy night Friday and didn't get home until 11 or so Saturday morning :(

I know we spoke alittle about this last Sat. Lets try and get everyone hooked up in August for a drive out this way. I would think that would be enough time to plan ahead. I'll try and get a few Porsche guys if I can, you work on your boys and let see if we can get something going. Maybe an annual thing for charity. Marine Corp. Toys for Tots or something that benefits local service men/women.

I doubt anything has been done like this except for the muscle car folks. Whatya say.......

Sounds good. I will have to gather two dates: Viper Progressive dinner and Ferrari Progressive dinner. Two events.

Gary would like to take our cruise down to Springfield to visit Premier Motorcars, they are offering us a Open House with food and drinks. They have some nice cars down there to look at.