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Laguna Seca with TrackMasters on 9/10-9/11

I am signed up for both days but I am the only NSX signed up as of 8/14/05 it looks like I might have been the only serious one as Kip, Brian and Ken all said they were going when we were at Sears Point. Maybe they are waiting for the last minute. Well any way I will see you there
Douge on Saturday said it was about full so if you guys read this HURRY UP

2slow2speed said:
I can't run Laguna, my car *does not* pass sound (blown Comptech Exhaust) :D


Ken, that's pretty lame excuse ......... get it covered under Comptech's lifetime warranty or I am sure we can find an OEM loaner for you :wink:
As someone who has never tracked a car, save for autoX 20 plus years ago, what do I need to have/bring with me to be able to participate? Other than my NSX of course...Thanks.
what do I need to have/bring with me
Go to the TrackMasters website in Hrant's first post. All their rules are there. For more car prep info, NCRC has a good write up http://www.ncracing.org/logistics.html . (BTW The picture in that link is a bone stock 92 NSX in Turn 5 at Laguna Seca at NSXPO 99)

Hurry on the registration, they might be full already.
Yeah, that is Ted driving his NSX to be more exact :wink:

From what I hear, registration is almost full, so those sitting on the sidelines may not get in if you wait much longer.
It's been a while since I tracked my car but I'm back! Look forward to seeing you all there.