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Lamborghini Aventador "START" buttons....

15 October 2003
West coast!
hey guys,

I will be making one more order for these start buttons later this week for another client. A few of you expressed interest in getting one too.

I'm still not sure how the pin-outs work or what needs to be modified but if anyone is interested in getting one let me know and I can order for you.

Just confirmed cost and freight.

So each one will be $186 total.

Email me direct since this is not something I plan to carry or sell - just doing it as a favor for a one time buy.

[email protected]

Before I post this on Ebay, I thought I'd post here. I remember a few guys who contacted me for one and I have only one available. I bought two for my project and now that I'm sure I only need one, selling the other one.

If you want the coolest start button for the NSX, let me know :)

Where is the red cover?
IMVHO, the button (pictured above) is pointless w/o the cover. At least the round S2000 start-buttons have a nice bezel.

I'd say when going close to two bills on a button, may as well as also go w/ the toggle-switch'like cover!
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We have one button in stock right now and in the process of building the actual red cover. This is not as easy as it sounds as the actual piece is very intricate and badly engineered. Leave it up to engineers to make such a simple piece so complicated! :(

The button is NOT backlid as Batman has stated which I found very odd given the high value nature of the car.

However it does have a very unique tactful feel about pushing this button that speaks quality over say an s2000 button.

here's both pieces in it's original glory!