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LensCrafters glasses/sunglasses question

2 March 2003
San Francisco
I am going to have my eyes examined in the next few weeks and I am sure I'll need new glasses and sunglasses as well. I just received a coupon for $100 off at LensCrafters which is valid on multiple pairs. Both frame and lenses purchase required.

Any experience with them? Will they accept my new numbers, or do I have to have them give me a new exam? Is this a good deal, or should I go on the internet with my new prescription and order on line? I know there was a thread not too long ago about good sites to order glasses and save money.
As docjohn points out, there is a great thread on this topic. As a result of that discussion I had a comprehensive exam performed by an Opthamologist and it was best eye exam that I ever had.
I stopped going to LensCrafters several years ago after never being able to see well enough. I view them as the K Mart of eye glasses.
As I noted in the other thread, I am an Optometrist. Contrary to popular belief, you get a better prescription/eye exam from an Ophtalmologist. Usually, the Ophth. hire an Optom. since we do them more often. Of course, any sort of surgery or serious pathology I would see an Ophth. However, a comprehensive eye exam from a good Optometrist will yield a very exact glasses/contact lens Rx and a solid screening for pathology. Re your question of Lenscrafters, the coupons are a big scam...they are overpriced from the start. Get the Rx filled by the optometrist/ophthalmologist office so nobody is pointing fingers at each other if you cannot see from them. It's just not worth the headache.

Good luck.