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lets have some fun with your PM count

30 January 2001
For no other reason than increasing bandwidth of the off topic forum lets reveal what kind of yentas we are,state your total pm counts.Mine is a paultry 468.
Anytime,I did'nt realize that the total is capped at 1000,too bad,does it reset and start over or just stay pegged at 1k? Bailey,just look in the upper right at your welcome back box it tells you.
I'm a little Sally, Ionly have one which was from when I registered. Nobody loves me... :frown:
Inbox contains 77 messages.
You have 118 messages stored, of a total 350 allowed.

I delete many messages after correspondence is complete so my totaled messages received is higher? Is it helpful for Prime if I delete old messages?
280 ......... but that is only since 05-03-05 - I cleaned "house" up to that point.
Hmm, over 72 days that's average of ~ 4 per day!
Way over 1000. I've had to clear mine out a couple of times. Imagine if our PM's counted as posts... :eek:

edit: just realized you meant our current number of PM's. I have 332 but after clearing mine a while ago. I get a lot of hate mail. :D
719 (cleared 6 weeks ago). Mostly saved hate mail from past moderating and inquiries about a recent Ti rod avatar. :smile:
lol ,gotta love hate mail!