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Levelten.com Performance Trans. Systems....

24 July 2000

I saw that they make the "bullet proof" transmissions... now is this an improvement on synchros that wear out very easily (as far as I've seen) and do they make kits for a 91 nsx?

Also, it says they come with a "high performance" clutch, but the whole kit is about $300... ??

What am I missing here...?

Nowhere does it say anything about that kit being for an automatic...but i guess if you know a good bit about transmissions you can tell by the fact that this:

"Fixes early rev limiter max out on shifts, slide bump shifts, no shifts, no 2nd or 3rd gear, no engagement. "

Damn....and I was hoping that they had some kit for the manual nsx transmission that would keep the synchros from going out.... i'm in my 2nd transmission and the guy I bought it from at Ed Voyles Acura in Atlanta said that it has NEW syncros in it.... (YEAH RIGHT since it grinds if i shift hard from 1st - 2nd...) whatever

PLEASE take this in the spirit intended, but perhaps you should examine your shifting practices. As I just mentioned a moment ago on another thread, most synchro problems are from forcing into a lower gear on downshifts when you should either wait for a lower speed, or double clutch properly. Repeated severely fast upshifts will eventually wear them out as well, that's true of any manual transmission. The NSX does not seem any more prone to problems than any other car I've owned it the past quarter century plus, and I beat the piss out of everything I drive.

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Well seeing as how these problems were there when i got the car initially, It seems of no fault of my own that the synchros were worn... and of course its buyer beware of buing a "used" and possibly (most likely) abused transmission with short gears.

The symptoms only happen occationally and its when I least expect it... in other words i'm not doing anything different than I normally do when I take off like a bat outta hell...

Of course I dont want to cause any more damage to the synchros that already has been done so i have been taking it easy lately... but still its happened half a dozen times now and at this point I believe I'm going to have the NSX tech @ the acura dealer I bought the tranny from take a look at it free of labor... which would most likely be on his free time. And which is only fair seeing as how he gave me his word that it was in good working order. -I'm big on a person's word.


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