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License Plate Bracket


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6 May 2001
The picture in Road & Track pg 99 shows the front of a pre 94 NSX without a plate on the front. It shows two recessed areas with holes... obviously for a licence plate bracket.

I think I've seen cars without a licence plate on the front and don't remember seeing these recessed areas.

Are there two different front plastic bumper covers... one with and one without that were available or do all NSX's have these depressions?


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95T SportShift

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I have a '91 and it does not have any recessed areas for a license plate bracket.

The car came with a license plate frame which bolts to holes on the underside of the front plastic bumper cover, where you can't see it unless you're bending down lower than the level of the bumper cover. That is the only visible evidence of any accommodation for a license plate bracket.
And... my 01' is the same as nsxtasy's. First thing I did when I got home was pull the bracket. Very clean front-end.